Branches of the Family Tree

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THE Walsh Family tree, with the numerous “branches” filled in (dating back to 1658), may be found below, courtesy of Janet, Allen, Brian and assorted little helpers.

Thank you very much!!

Just click on the links below, they are in descending chronological order. To start off, is an introductory letter from Brian outlining how this project came to be…
Brian’s Family Tree Introduction Letter


Our Family Tree Part 1
Our Family Tree Part 2
Walsh Ancestral Chart Part 1
Walsh Ancestral Chart Part 2
Walsh Family Part 1
Walsh Family Part 2
Walsh Family Part 3
Walsh Family Part 4
Walsh Family Part 5
Walsh Family Part 6
Walsh Family Part 7
Walsh Family Part 8
Orams Ancestral Chart Part 1
Orams Ancestral Chart Part 2
Orams Family

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Seven Little Australians…


(L-R) Eleanor, Catherine, Caroline, Gregory, Rosemary, Janatha and Martin c. 1972