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TODAY, members of the Walsh family in Australia – and those living in far-flung parts of the world – can trace ancestors to assorted towns and villages across the United Kingdom and back to the middle of the 19th century and beyond.

Nana Walsh hosts the whole crew in 1973 plus Peter, Lindy and Sandy (what's "Loy checking out?)
Nana Walsh hosts the whole bunch in 1973 plus Peter, Lindy and Sandy (Mmm…what’s “Loy” checking out?)

In recent years, Brian, Allen and Janet Walsh have compiled an impressive collection of ancestral anecdotes and information outlining the history of our forebears. Thank you!! The results of their considerable research, including pictures, supporting documents and maps, may be found below.

The Walsh Family Story

Covering letter and introduction from Janet & Allen Walsh plus Walsh/Ross Family Tree

The Walsh Family from Ballyhahill, Ireland

The Ross Family from Kincardine, Scotland

The Family of Patrick Burke

The Matthews Family of Sennen, Cornwall

The Ford Family of Redruth, Cornwall


Daniel James Walsh and Annie Evelyn Walsh By Brian Walsh

George Matthews By Allen Walsh

Supporting documents:

Last Will & Testament of James Matthews 1888 (incl transcription)

Indenture Papers – Daniel Walsh

Marriage certificate – Daniel Walsh – 1907

Marriage certificate – Annie Walsh – 1937

Frederick Ford Ship

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In 2002, Brian put together a some jottings on the Walsh family history – click on Sideline to read more and visit Brian’s Page for other musings.

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In their on-going spirited fashion, Brian and Allen have authored several memoirs. Click on the links below to read more…

Teachers By Allen Walsh
Teachers: A Supplement By Brian Walsh

The Walsh Boats By Allen Walsh

Nana Walsh behind Nancy and Brian, Grandpa and Nin Matthews and Allen Walsh in the bow. Photo taken at Black Rock, Victoria in 1933


Remembered At Chewton




A Brief History on the Walsh Family Crest

By Gregory Walsh

This coat of arms was designed by me for a 3rd form graphics project and Uncle Allen Walsh helped me in the final stages.
Of course the three state flags – SA, VIC, NSW – indicate those states we had all lived in at that time. The Union Jack indicated our English and Scots heritage as did the Irish flag, and the Welsh flag, well, the only one who was Welsh was Auntie Anne who married into mum’s family, so should not really be part of it…
The kangaroo represents Australia as a whole. The three peaks indicate three hills (Highercomb) and the turd (!) in the corner indicated the best outline of mum and dad’s dam that I could draw!
P.S. Oh, the name “Highercomb” should have an “E” on the end, but Marty made the sign at the front gate at school, and at the time he spelt it without an “E” so the name stuck – without an “E” at the end!