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DEDICATED to Pa Walsh, this page contains a selection of stories and articles written by him in retirement – which wasn’t really retirement at all.

Maurice Walsh, Christmas, 1986

As I recall he was freelancing and submitting artices to a number of magazines and newspapers in Melbourne long after he left the newspapers. In the mid 1980s, my boss at the time, a network TV executive, thought Pa’s sports-themed articles could prove valuable as research material and form the foundation for storylines for a planned series of TV programs. Pa paid me the compliment of his confidence and gave me many of his stories but unfortunately, my boss wasn’t my boss for long (he took another job interstate), and the series never eventuated. Nevertheless, I kept the stories knowing that someday they would be published and …voila! they have now found a happy little home here on “Pa’s Page”, for all to enjoy and for “Pa”sterity!
You can read more abour Pa, from various perspectives on Nancy’s, Allen’s and Brian’s pages.

Letter from Pa (undated – c.1985)



  • The Curtain Comes Down On The Firm: Australia’s theatrical legend, J.C. Williamson.
  • Stuart Town: A sentimental look at the little central NSW town that is indelibly linked to Australia’s gold-rush days.
  • Delivering His Majesty’s Mail: Within the pages of Pa’s stories was an envelope. Scrawled on the front in his hand were the words, “Stamps Story“, and inside were 12 brown pages folded in half and neatly typed – the journey of a letter, from writer to recipient…


Pa’s Miscellanea of Short Stories, contains 16 fictional stories of varying lengths, complete with his edit markups. Curiously, none are dated!

A Miscellanea of Short Stories: Contents Page

Some more. Encore!


These short (and some very short!) articles were selected by Pa as being representative of many he had written – or could have written – as he had the research and the knowledge about all of the various athletes and sports mentioned. The first four pages (in the “Selection of Pa’s Sports Stories” link) contain a list of the headlines of his articles, indicating the wealth of sport subjects he possessed. Within that link may be found all the stories listed below. Please note, some pages may need to be rotated clock-wise to be read!


Tales of Taverns in the Victoria Colony:
A lengthy account of the history behind some of the best known breweries, hotels and characters in Victoria in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
Tales of Taverns Part 1 (Chapters 1-5 plus introduction)
Tales of Taverns Part 2 (Chapters 6-10)
Tales of Taverns (Chapters 11-15 plus supplements)


The Old Ostrich pub in Buckinghamshire, UK, photo undated.

Within Pa’s collection were several historical accounts of some famous, and not-so-famous, pubs, inns and hotels in London and scattered around the United Kingdom. Interspersed are some quotes and whimsy – and even several photos, uncredited and undated (but old!)…

Quotes about The English Inn
Historic Inns of England: Including Interesting London Pubs
Historic Inns of England (Part 2): A Guide to Some Famous Old Houses (incl. two undated and unattributed photos).

The Ostrich Pub still standing today!

The Ostrich Pub still standing today (and reportedly haunted)!


Pa's newly finished boat, with Captain Geoff aboard, West Brunswick, 1938

Pa's newly finished boat, with Captain Geoff aboard, West Brunswick, 1938

…as well as writing, Pa was a boat builder of long-standing! Read more here:

The Walsh Boats By Allen Walsh



Pa’s favourite poem was Thomas Gray’s Elegy in a Country Church-yard

In Brian’s, Aunty Nancy’s and Uncle Allen’s Pages, you can read about Pa’s work in Darwin in the R.A.A.F. and (pictured below) in uniform in the back yard at Wales Street.



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