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WELCOME to The Walshes.com and thanks for dropping in for a visit. We hope that the pages within will amuse, inform and inspire all the members and friends of the Walsh family in Australia and abroad – and over the years this will become a “living album” evolving over the years to become a permanent historical “document” for our immediate and extended family and the generations to come.

If you have any suggestions, corrections, links or contributions, we’d love to hear from you (we think). Just remember to keep it clean, accurate and as light-hearted as possible.

A few (other) things to bear in mind:

  • Ugly people (and photos of cats) will not be tolerated.

  • Radical religious and political views will be summarily deleted.

  • Photos of “admin” which do not have prior approval for posting on this or related sites will be blacked out.

  • Any infringements of the above rules, will result in instant expulsion from this site and automatic disinheritance.

  • Otherwise, pretty much anything goes!

Some images below are from the Walsh family album, which we hope to update from time to time.

All cartoon illustrations and sketches by (and courtesy of) Allen Walsh
All material contained herein (C) 2009. All rights reserved.
Brian & Jean Walsh, August 27, 1960

An Assortment of Walshes

An Assortment of Walshes

Mac & Catherine c. 1967

Pop-Up Beeper – just click and see her grow!

malachy-1-copy1 david-janatha-nov-1994 Gregory, Ainsley & Rosemary at Nana's
loulou-2007-copy1 Aunty Nancy & Uncle Alan, Feb 2006

Willie & Millie Burke (really)
Willie & Millie Burke (really)

I'll just pull yer head in, Catherine!

Some of our favourite pets!

No papparazzi, please!

No papparazzi, please!

Walshes galore! Clockwise from top: Stewart, Peter, Ainsley, Travis, Jenny, Lindy, Sally and Phillip at Nana & Pa's house.

Walshes galore! Clockwise from top: Stewart, Peter, Ainsley, Travis, Jenny, Lindy, Sally & Phillip at Nana & Pa's house.

Best caption contest - any ideas?

Best caption contest - any ideas?

Sharing a joke with Grandma

Malachy shares a joke with Grandma