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Over the past few years, Brian has collected a great selection of materials – a small portion of which is posted within this site.
Some of his personal jottings are presented on this page for your edification and enjoyment….

Over the years, apart from making fun of Irish tradesmen, teaching Malachy the finer points of engineering, showing Marty how to dry dishes, dunking Janatha into the Yarra River, hanging with celebs and sports stars like Gary Sobers, and training goats to beg, Brian has found a few minutes to compile his other various interests to show what a true Renaissance man he really is!
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I'm Cleaning The Swimming Pool, Jeannie
I’m Cleaning The Swimming Pool, Jeannie!

Some reminscences…
(and don’t forget to visit other pages within this site for more memoirs and scribblings from Brian…)

Old Reds (or Who Drank My ’67 Chalambar??!!)
An Irish Interlude

Appendix – June, 2002

Cover letter for “Reminiscences”


Henry and I

(In response to that which appeareth below!!!)



The Golfing Series….



Daddy’s (er, Nana’s)
Green Tomato Pickles Recipe!

Coming Soon!

the love of his life

The love of his life...


The Last Word On Surprises!

I really am cleaning the pool, Jeannie!

I really am cleaning the pool, Jeannie!



...and he's off!!!